Some forty years ago I established the Australian company known as Staff Training Centre Pty. Limited.

Whilst I was providing consulting services for a number of international companies, it quickly became apparent that two of the greatest barriers to productivity were;  the inability to read correctly and the inability to accurately comprehend the material being read. This problem was evident across the full spectrum of employees regardless of their natural intellect, standard of education or standing within a company.

Having identified that ineffective reading is a major contributor to unacceptable productivity levels, I set out to universally rectify the situation. As a result of extensive research over a number of years I developed the Advanced Reading Skills Course.

Foremost in my mind, was that the course and its content had to be beneficial to the corporate/professional sector as improving employee’s reading and comprehension skills will, ultimately, improve a business.  The course also needed to be beneficial to all students from the age of twelve years and onwards.  It is true that anyone can achieve success and confidence in education and the workplace by mastering more efficient reading with vastly improved comprehension.

The course is designed to totally re-educate people as to how they read.  It has been promoted throughout the world and has been undertaken by millions with great success.  Why is it successful?  Because it is the only course in the world that can:

The course has been developed for an international audience.  Over the years, I have gradually licensed the running of the course in various countries to other very successful operators.

North American Pace Associates and Sylvan Learning own and operate the course throughout North America and Canada. Pro Read – Germany, own and operate the course throughout Europe and the Middle East.

I.C.S. own and operate the course throughout Australia and Write Pty. Limited own and operate the course throughout New Zealand.

STAFF TRAINING CENTRE PTY. LIMITED own and retain the sole rights to licence the course in the United Kingdom, South America, Southern Africa and all those areas to the north of Australia, sometimes referred to as Greater Asia.

The area of Greater Asia alone, with a current population in excess of four billion people, already experiencing supercharged growth, will shortly account for more than half of the global output.

The ramifications of this growth explosion, and the respective surging economies, are that those individuals and companies who want to excel will need to be better equipped to deal with the obvious overload of information that is already forthcoming.      

We live in an extraordinary information age and a fast paced business world, so the ability to increase effective reading performance and fully understand what has been read -  across all media -  is VITAL.

Staff Training Centre Pty. Limited, will be at the forefront in promoting the Advanced Reading Skills Course in what I believe will be an education revolution.

Millions of people from all walks of life have already successfully completed the course – these people are reaping the very real benefits of having done so... more success, more knowledge and more free time.  

The benefits gained by undertaking the Advanced Reading Skills Course are life changing; equipping business and individuals with the reading and comprehension skills necessary to give them the competitive edge both today and in the future.  

I wish you every success.